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Connecting the Dots:

It's Emotional Relevance


Emotionally Relevance Is the Key To Your Success.

Contrary to what you may have heard, passion and hard work does not ensure your business will succeed.  


Don’t believe us? Go ask a few people who’ve lost their businesses in the last three years how hard they worked. Or ask them how much passion they poured into their business before they closed up shop.


Don’t get us wrong, you have to have passion for what you do and you will have to put in some long hours and hard work. 


It goes without saying you’re not going to be too successful sitting on your butt and expecting The Law of Attraction to help (our apologies to those who believe The Law of Attraction is the surefire way to riches).


As it has always been and is even more so today, how Emotionally Relevant your brand and solution is to your target audience is directly related to the level of success you will enjoy as a business owner. Other crucial factors exist but few, if any, trump the degree of importance Emotional Relevance plays in how far and how quick your business gets and stays off the ground.


More Businesses and Solutions Means More Choices


There is no question the number of choices consumers have for when to buy, where to buy and whom to buy from has greatly expanded in recent years. The same can also be said for the number of people openning their own business.


This is simple math. More businesses and solutions = more choice for consumers. More businesses and solutions = more challenges in getting your solution discovered.


Let's put it like this. To capture enough customers in today's market to start or sustain a profitable business is like trying to gain the attention of a pre-school class hyped up on sugar.


Stale Websites & Cheap Business Cards Need Not Apply


The most immediate impact of new businesses and more choices for consumers is that the level and consistency of success achieved will and already is dropping.


Accidental success with your marketing, branding and sales will become less common.


In other words, printing some cheap business cards, going to a Chamber of Commerce mixer, putting up a stale website and conducting random and aimless marketing campaigns will do little to support the blood, sweat and tears that go into owning a successful business.


What, then, will make the difference between running a successful small business and having your business become a financial cautionary tale?  Emotional Relevance. 


Before you attempt to dismiss Emotional Relevance and make yourself believe you can do it your way consider the level of importance it plays in generating a consistently profitable revenue stream.  


Emotional Relevance represents your customer’s response when they’re exposed to your brand and its solutions.  This includes, but is not limited to, your customer’s feelings, thoughts, perceptions, behaviors and actions toward your solution and brand. When your target audience is exposed to what you offer they will make a decision (emotionally and logically) to either move toward buying what you offer or dismissing it altogether.  If they see no relevance to their desired outcomes they will go elsewhere.


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There is indifference.  This means you can make a sale to a customer when your solution holds little

to no Emotional Relevance to them. When this occurs, however, you are all but guaranteed a customer who will either become a headache or a customer who will never buy from you again.  You might say, “sale is a sale’, but not when you factor in the cost it takes to actually secure a customer in the first place.


Add to this the growing number of companies seeking to gain your customer’s attention and their money and it doesn’t take an economist to figure out that in today’s world a dollar does not stretch as far as it used to. If you don’t gain a positive foothold in the minds of your target audience, you could very well lose them to another company. The company you lose them to may not be a direct competitor in your chosen industry. Yes, times are changing. Are you?


TIP – Your competition nowadays is not just the company that sells the same or similar solution to you.  Your competition is with every company that is competing to obtain the loyalty and payment of your customer.  


Remember what we said above.  A dollar or Euro does not stretch as far as it used to. If a customer has made the decision to spend their money and give their attention to some other company and that is all the money they have, no matter how much value they see in your solution, you’re out of luck. When this happens consistently you’re also out of business.


That is why it is so important to maintain Top of Mind Awareness with customers. Using your website as the primary means for pre-educating and pre-selling your customers is the most cost effective way to stay Top of Mind so that when they're ready your type of solution they go with you and nobody else.


How your customers relate to your solution is solely based on their personality style, buying preferences and desired outcomes they seek from a solution like yours. Their perception is shaped and adopted by a variety of experiences and circumstances too vast to go into detail here. Suffice to say, these experiences and circumstances, which your customers knowingly and unknowingly use to make decisions, are outside of your control.


What is in your control, and what our agency helps you with, is understanding the parameters by which your customers take action and make decisions on your style of brand and type of solution.These parameters are based on years of research and application by our team of Brand Stylists, which is applied to the patterns of customer behavior you and your company have personally observed.


How does all of this factor into your website and your company’s sales? 


If your website’s design, navigation, structure, images, messaging, headlines, taglines and solutions are not Emotionally Relevant to your target audience your website will succeed by accident if it succeeds at all. Uneven revenue can only last so long before your business goes on life support. 


Because of this our collaboration with you and our development of your website is created around the Emotional Relevance your solutions have with your target audience.  


As you can see, you will absolutely need more than just some HTML programming and a nice color scheme for your website to be Emotionally Relevant to your target audience. This does not get sold to you when you buy a cheap, website template or hire an inexpensive, and inexperienced web designer. With SK Graphic Design, not only is it included with all of our All In One Packages, it is the foundation all of our services are built on.


Let us do the job we’re passionate about so you can do the job you’re passionate about.

Seem fair? We thought so too.


Leapfrog Your Competition Emotional Relevant solutions is but one of many reasons that make SK Graphic Design different.


What’s the next step for you?


Well, you could read the other five critical areas where we’re different or you could contact us right away to discuss your company’s marketing and branding project.  Whatever you choose to do we look forward to hearing from you.


In the meantime, if you’ve read to this point it’s because you’ve already accepted the only choice that makes logical and financial sense.  We’re simply here to honor it.


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