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Who and what is SK Graphic Design?


SK Graphic Design was created with the small business owner in mind. With over 13 years of experience collaborating with hundreds of businesses, in a wide variety of industries, we deliver logo design, website design, brochure design, print design, and more, that is Emotionally Relevant and gets customers chasing you instead you having to always chase them.


Recognizing that more can be accomplished together than individually, in 2003 SK Graphic Design establish an even wider array of services for small business owners through a host of very successful partnerships. These partnerships resulted in the merger of SK Graphic Design with a pair of highly respected marketing and branding agencies in 2010. Today our team consists of world class Brand Stylists and designers, with access to acclaimed copywriting professionals and internationally renowned marketing, branding and sales experts.


High-Level Support When & Where It Matters Most


While each client has unique needs when seeking marketing and brand design solutions, experience tells us that clients have one thing in common—the need to develop quality marketing, sales and brand materials within a budget.


Our team of Brand Stylists specialize in supporting you in the key areas for building, growing and maintaining a successful business. Together our team collaborates with you as if your business was their very own. And it makes sense it is done this way because each member of our team knows what it’s like to run a business of their own. 


Whether your business is a one-person operation or a team of hundreds of employees every Brand Stylist at SK Graphic Design possesses intimate knowledge of addressing and overcoming the challenges of building, growing and sustaining a successful business.  No matter your industry, type of solution you provide or diversity of customers you target, with our team the phrase “been there, done that” is not a cliché…it’s reality.


Virtual Affordability for Small Businesses

So how can we deliver so much value for the rates we do?


Author and famed business strategist, Peter Drucker, once remarked, “The greatest benefit of the Internet is that it eliminates distance”. SK Graphic Design has certainly personified that belief with our top-notch virtual based team.


Our virtual based team of Brand Stylists allows our agency the scalability to leverage a vast pool of highly talented professionals, all working for the same cause (the growth of your business).  


By maintaining a world class virtual team our overhead is kept low and the savings are passed straight through to our clients.  This potent combination of talent and managed expenses is one of the primary keys for allowing us to offer an unparalleled level of value and timely solutions to the small business community.




Meet Our Agency's Founder & Creative Director


As founder and Creative Director of SK Graphic Design, Steven Kennedy is a highly sought after and recognized expert in the development and creation of online and offline collateral design. His passion for creativity is matched only by his understanding of what it takes for small to mid-size companies to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace.


Steven's Education & Career Highlights


Steven earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University, and spent his early years gaining business-to-business graphic design and production experience working with advertising and graphicdesign agencies in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Working on a diverse set of client projects, Steven developed a solid understanding of what companies are looking for when they hire a graphic designer. Specifically, he saw the frustration many companies went through when it came to the high-end quality design they deserved, but couldn't afford, due to their limited budget. As a result, Steven left the traditional world of agency design and formed his own agency, SK Graphic Design, where small business owners could receive high-quality Madison Avenue level design without the Madison Avenue pricing.


Steven Gets Small Business & Branding


Steven's vast experience creating compelling brands and innovative design provides him a unique perspective on the purchase and provision of quality graphic design services.


His use of visual typography, Emotional Relevant design and branding, along with stunning graphic treatments and unparalleled creative layouts separates him from the myriad of graphic designers in the market. The unique approach and breadth and depth of his experience also provides clients the foundation and guidance necessary for designing collateral that brings the vision of your business to reality and immediately gets your customers chasing you instead of you always chasing them.


Okay, So Enough About Steven.


How about you and your business? What is your vision? What message do you want to communicate to your customers?


Give Steven a call or email him to discuss how your company's goals can be communicated through your collateral. If anything else, Steven would love to tell you about his son's design skills on the Etch-A-Sketch. Like father like son.


Steven can be reached at 815.343.6731 or EMAIL.




"Hiring SK Graphic Design was the single best decision I made as a new business owner.What I do is not easy to grasp as it took me over 25 years to accumulate the knowledge I have on import and export compliance. Somehow the team at Business Growth by Design managed to capture the essence of that knowledge and experience in less than three weeks. They put it to brilliant use in my company's new blog, website, messaging and marketing materials. They really are more than a web design firm.They truly make your business their own, as they did mine."


~ Christel Vilogron, Principal - Import Export Best Practices (IEBP) ~



Full List of Agency Options


The key areas our agency specializes in collaborating with independent business owners and small-to-mid-size companies include but are not limited to:


  • Blogs
  • Social Networking Communities
  • eCommerce


  • Brand Messaging & Positioning
  • Writing Your Sales Copy
  • Marketing Campaigns (online & offline)


  • Brand Identity
  • Sales Support Training

PR (online & offline)


  • Social Media
  • Print Advertising
  • Trade Show & Conferences
  • Search Marketing


  • New Media
  • Campaign Development
  • Internet Marketing


  • Public Speaking
  • Business Leadership
  • Strategic Sales Planning


  • Event "Seminar" Planning
  • Independent Book Publishing
  • Audio Program Development




Click on the sections that are relevant to you and take the time to read what makes Business Growth by Design different than any agency you've ever come across. 







The Difference Starts Here


What makes SK Graphic Design different? We never give our clients just a website. But that’s not all. We get involved.



Our Process


Take a peek at what’s behind our innovative Client Interaction Process (CIP) and learn how success is by design, not accident.





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