Why Were Different

World-class, customer-relevant website design packaged in a rate small businesses and non-profit organizations can afford.

Madison Avenue quality branding and marketing materials.

 Design of Emotionally Relevant marketing and lead generation materials.

Redefine your brand through customer-centric designs to capture the interest of your customers at all levels of the buying process.


Welcome to the new reality for small business owners worldwide.

When it comes to success as a business owners we understand that the little things can make the biggest difference. That’s why SK Graphic Design has introduced the revolutionary All In One website & branding packages for small business owners.


Never Give Just a Website

SK Graphic Design was born from a simple, yet a radical idea. Get our clients to succeed by design and not by accident.


How?  Never give a client just a website.

Why? Because there is more to a successful business than a nice-looking website.

Led by founder and creative director, Steven Kennedy, our team of world-class Brand Stylists, utilize a powerful three-phase process for every project. The result is our team delivers you and your business a roadmap for success through Emotionally Relevant brand design. And it’s all accomplished at affordable and uncompromising rates. But it’s more than just captivating design and rates that make our agency different. We get involved.


How Do We Get Involved?

While it’s real easy to say you do great work, backing it up consistently is a whole other ballgame. If you are like a lot of our clients, seeing is believing. That is why we invite you to get the immediate proof at our Client Results department. Simply click on the image below.

Outside of viewing the results of our work we also know our clients ultimately made the choice to use SK Graphic Design because they were able to learn what goes into our projects.

With that in mind, please direct your attention to the Our Proces box below. Take a peek at what’s behind our innovative Client Interaction Process (CIP) and learn how consistent success is by design, not by accident.

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