Our Process

Success by design is not achieved by accident. Success by design is achieved through a defined and replicable process.

Led by founder and creative director, Steven Kennedy, our agency’s well defined and replicable process has achieved successful results for a vast array of clients within diverse industries and different size businesses.

Although every client project is unique, the interactive process by which we achieve our client’s desired outcome is quite consistent. The consistency comes through the Client Interaction Process (CIP) our agency utilizes with small business owners, like yourself.

The three-step Client Interaction Process (CIP) focuses on both the “cause” and the “effect” of your company’s brand. This means we start with an inside-out approach focusing on the emotional connection your brand and solutions have with your target audience. This is at the center of every single project and it is from here that the design of your website and brand materials come from. Our Client Interaction Process is simple in its approach and format, but incredibly powerful and useful when applied to your website and business.

Within the three phases are many individual pieces that make up the whole process.  These pieces are compartmentalized and segmented in order to not overwhelm our clients but instead to allow for a streamlined execution of deliverables by our team of world class Marketing & Brand Stylists.  It also allows you, the client, the ability to be involved in the project to the degree you’ll need to be without sacrificing any obligations you may already have with existing commitments.

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