Who and what is SK Graphic Design

SK Graphic Design was created with the small business owner in mind. With over 27 years of experience collaborating with hundreds of businesses, in a wide variety of industries, we deliver logo design, website design, brochure design, print design, and more, that is Emotionally Relevant and gets customers chasing you instead of you having to always chase them.

High-Level Support When & Where It Matters Most

While each client has unique needs when seeking marketing and brand design solutions, experience tells us that clients have one thing in common—the need to develop quality marketing, sales, and brand materials within a budget.

We specialize in supporting you in the key areas for building, growing, and maintaining a successful business. Together our team collaborates with you as if your business was their very own. And it makes sense it is done this way because each member of our team knows what it’s like to run a business of their own.

Virtual Affordability for Small Businesses

So how can we deliver so much value for the rates we do?

Author and famed business strategist, Peter Drucker, once remarked, “The greatest benefit of the Internet is that it eliminates distance”. SK Graphic Design has certainly personified that belief with our top-notch virtual-based team.

Our virtual-based team allows us the scalability to leverage a vast pool of highly talented professionals, all working for the same cause (the growth of your business).  

By maintaining a virtual team our overhead is kept low and the savings are passed straight through to our clients. This potent combination of talent and managed expenses is one of the primary keys for allowing us to offer an unparalleled level of value and timely solutions to the small business community.

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Meet the cool team member

Steve Kennedy

Creative Designer and Marketing Professional